The QiLiCape – wireless power charging cape for BeagleBone

v.01 is here >>> QiLiCape-ioclk.v01   Eagle .sch file format.

v.02 will have some linux integration.

A new project is started: The QiLiCape, a BeagleBone cape that is a wireless power Lithium battery charger and power supply enabling the usb host support operation when in battery mode.

It’s a work in progress, an opensource project ignited by element 14.

Fetures a BQ51013A driven by a Wuerth Electronic 760308101 Coil and a BQ24075T battery charger with power-path management  -separate power path for battery and system power.

Some useful stuff:

The BeagleBone: site, manual

TI datasheets: BQ51013A, BQ24075T

Wuerth/Wurth Electronic: 760308101 Coil datasheet

Next step: adding the BeagleBone connectors –  Open Source Design Credits: Adafruit (Adafruit Store BeagleBone Cape / Adafruit on Git  ) and Victor Sluiter (Element14 Profile Page / Blog)…

Special thanks: BeagleBone courtesy of  Shawn Silberhorn, Texas Instruments.

Project Updates:



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