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ESP-01 BoardEsp-001 Board

A small board designed in Autotrax DEX (now DEXPCB) for building and testing some 12v and 5v IoT devices based on the cheap ESP8266 modules.

A Murano sensor app is tested here.



SDR view of a low power transmission

Capturing the transmission of Anaren LR09A modules with a RTL-SDR. The exceptionally low power mode is easy to spot.

Anaren LR09A article



Wireless Charging  – WE coil choice

Wireless Charging COTS article


The QiLiCape

Project Status = alpha, not released

Electronics: QiLiCape-v3.51


It’s all about a Wireless Charging (Qi compliant) Li-X Battery Cape for the BeagleBone. Started as a Element14  competition request, the QiLiCape may be released as a part of an embedded electronics product. PCB built in Eagle.



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