The EFM32 Development Kit – Gecko, G890F128

EFM32 Development Kit

The EFM32 Development Kit features the EFM32G890F128 MCU (128 kB flash + 16 kB RAM) and is one of the best kits designed for low power device development.

The Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) system is practically a very good power monitor and logger, embedded in the Development Kit. Some other kits are doing this in the IDE, but to have it with a display onboard is awesome.

A large spectrum of techniques, from using different low power modes to switch-off peripherals can be tested directly and all with one kit.

The on-board Segger J-Link enables debugging.

The OOB configuration enables that the EFM32 can be programmed with many demo programs selected with the 320×240 TFT Display GUI and the power consumption can be monitored on the same TFT after programming.

Some features:

  • Single ended and differential ADC inputs on BNC connectors
  • Line-in and Line-out stereo audio amplifier with 3.5 jacks
  • IrDA, RS232
  • MicroSD card reader
  • 4MB 70ns PSRAM+ 16MB 90ns NOR Flash + 2Kb I2C EEPROM
  • Accelerometer and LDR


Product page:

Simplicity Studio Download:

User Guide:


A Silabs video on YouTube:


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