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  • Robocar Bill Stays Stalled, but DMS Climbs Hill July 4, 2020
    Auto Safety bill, 'Moving Forward Act," Climbs the Hill as it passed the House of Representatives this week, while AV tech industry-supported 'AV START Act' remains stalled. The post Robocar Bill Stays Stalled, but DMS Climbs Hill appeared first on EETimes.
  • A Good Start: National Mask Day July 3, 2020
    I would like to propose Pandemic Act of 2020. It includes a National Mask Day, which requires everyone to wear a mask are required when he is outside home, with others. The post A Good Start: National Mask Day appeared first on EETimes.
  • Making TinyML Easy: Who is Edge Impulse? July 3, 2020
    Quietly, but not secretly, building an end-to-end embedded developer platform for machine learning on microcontrollers The post Making TinyML Easy: Who is Edge Impulse? appeared first on EETimes.