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  • AMD, TSMC & Imec Show Their Chiplet Playbooks at ISSCC February 26, 2021
    The common theme coming out of the chiplet forum at ISSCC was the need for a 3D interconnect density roadmap. The post AMD, TSMC & Imec Show Their Chiplet Playbooks at ISSCC appeared first on EETimes.
  • UK Consumer Watchdog on Qualcomm’s Tail February 26, 2021
    The allegation is that Qualcomm has been overcharging Samsung and Apple since 2015, with the charges passed on to consumers. The post UK Consumer Watchdog on Qualcomm’s Tail appeared first on EETimes.
  • Congress Creates a Focal Point for Optics, Photonics February 26, 2021
    Light-based technologies come into focus as part of a larger U.S. technology innovation push. The post Congress Creates a Focal Point for Optics, Photonics appeared first on EETimes.