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ESP-01 Board

Esp-001 BoardA small board designed for testing some 12v and 5v IoT devices based on the cheap ESP8266 modules.

A Murano sensor app is tested here.


TI’s CC Debugger


TI CC Debugger


A programming and debugging tool for the TI RF 8051 SoC line. Supporting software tools:  SmartRF Studio, SmartRF Flash Programmer, SmartRF Packet Sniffer, Code Composer Studio, IAR EW 8051 (v.>7.51A).


LPC 800 – simply amazing:

Electronics: NXP LPC800

The amazing small board – NXP LPC800

  • ARM Cortex-M0+
  • Switch matrix for flexible configuration of each I/O pin function
  • 2 USART interfaces, 1 SPI controller and 1  I²C-bus, with pin functions assigned through the switch matrix
  • Self Wake-up Timer (WKT) clocked from either the IRC or a low-power, low-frequency internal oscillator
  • CRC engine
  • Boot ROM API support: boot loader, USART and I²C drivers in ROM, power profiles, Flash In-Application Programming (IAP) and In-System Programming (ISP)


The QiLiCape

Electronics: QiLiCape-v3.51


Project Status = alpha, not released

It’s all about a Wireless Charging (Qi compliant) Li-X Battery Cape for the BeagleBone.Started as a Element14  competition, the QiLiCape may be released as a part of an embedded electronics product.


  • Mission Critical in Auto SoC: Interconnect IP October 22, 2016
    The average number of IP cores integrated into automotive SoCs is growing from about 20 today to more than 100 within the next five to ten years.
  • Incandescent Lamps and Service Life October 21, 2016
    Why would this incandescent light bulb still work after 100 years? What keeps it going and what design lessons can we learn?
  • Signing Off October 21, 2016
    Embedded systems columnist and EE Times ACE Award Contributor of the year Jack Ganssle says: "Adieu dear friends. It's time to move on."